Japanese food naruto recipe

5 Apr

Hi, my name is Kurokage Ninja.


I was asked to teach how to cook naruto.

Today, I explain how to cook ‘naruto’.


Cooking ingredient is white fish, salt, sweet cooking rice wine(mirin), starch and egg white.

Can you buy sweet cooking rice wine(mirin)?


1 Chop white fish, cut fine.

2 Pour chopped white fish into a bowl and add water.

  Scramble up and skimming.

  Repeat scramble and skimming at least three times.

3 Squeeze out excess moisture, use gauze and etc.

4 Put salt 2g per 100g.

5 Impaste it, make it paste.

6 Season to taste with salt, sweet cooking rice wine(mirin), starch and egg white.

salt 1~2g per 100g

sweet cooking rice wine(mirin) 3~5g per 100g

white egg half~1

7 Blend a few drop of red food coloring into a part of mixture.

8 roll out untinctured to form a rectangle, its thickness is about 8 mm.

 And roll out colored mixture to form a rectangle on it, its thickness is about 2 mm.

 9 Roll up it with rolling mat.

10 Steam it, and naruto was ready to eat.


naruto is delicious!  Let’s cooking.


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